Get Your DMV Services Done Without Waiting in a Crowded DMV for Hours!

Who doesn’t hate wasting time in a packed DMV office? You go in for something that should be easy, but it turns into hours of waiting to hear your number called. After waiting for what seems like forever, you FINALLY get up to the desk, but… Oops… that wasn’t the right form, was it? Back to the end of the line you go. By the time it’s done, you’re completely exhausted, and the entire day is wasted. Aren’t there other things you would rather be doing? With our fast, helpful service, you will never have to experience that nightmare again.

Open Until 6pm & Saturday: Never Miss a Day of Work for Renewals Again!

Your time is valuable. Having to take time off work cuts into your paycheck. We are open until 6pm on weekdays because we want you to get your paperwork filed without missing work. For those who work late, we are also open on Saturdays.

We Personally Assist You to Make Sure Your Forms Are Right

You never have to worry about whether you did the paperwork right again because we are here to ensure that you have the right form and everything is filled out properly. We will help you figure out exactly what form you need and how to complete it. Our personalized service makes everything as easy as possible for you.

We Are Proud to Be a Licensed Insurance Provider

We offer insurance for auto, home, motorcycle, RV, boat, and commercial clients. Our insurance business is Auto International Insurance Agency Inc. (AIIA). We are licensed by the state of California under OL License Number #89345. Perris, CA



We Are an Official, Full-Service DMV Alternative.

At most DMVs, you are given hardly any assistance to make sure you have the right form and that your forms are filled out properly. We Handle Most DMV Services including Commercial!

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Placas Auto Registration & Insurance Services is licensed by the state of california OL License Number#89345. Placas Auto Registration & Insurance Services is not owned and operated by any goverment agency. We are not the Department of Motor Vehicle(DMV). By Aseguranza De Auto



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