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Vehicle Registration Renewal - It’s That Time of Year - You Need to Renew Your Registration

Dealing with this yearly trip to the DMV office is a huge hassle, but you can get this chore done much faster by coming in to our quick service location, ordering online, or calling us for instant processing.

You will get your registration documents immediately if you make an in-person visit to our office. If you place your order with us over the phone or through our online portal, your order will take 24-48 hours to process through our secure AVRS IntelliTRAC system and be mailed directly to your address.

Every year – without fail – you need to renew your registration to stay legal. Not getting the proper tags for the current year will suspend your registration automatically and risk your vehicle being impounded.

Usually, you will receive a notice from the DMV warning you that your stickers are going to expire. You can also check your current registration card to see the expiration date.

You MUST renew and get your stickers within 30 days of this expiration to prevent a vehicle suspension

Documents Needed: Reg 156, Registration Card, DMV Letter, Auto Insurance , Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR) If needed. Automobile, Commercial, Motocycle, OHV     

The CA DMV will send you a renewal notice well in advance of your registration's expiration date. The notice will include:


  • The date of your tag's expiration.

  • Renewal fees.

  • Vehicle information.

  • Emissions requirement

  • Delinquency fees:
    ―You must pay all delinquency or ticket fees listed on your renewal notice before renewing your registration.
    ―You will only be allowed to renew by mail or in-person if you owe any extra fees.

    How To Renew Your CA Vehicle Registration

  • You have four renewal options: mail, online, phone, or in person.

  • In-PersonVisit your local DMV office with:

  • Either your renewal notice or current registration certificate

  • Your CA driver's license (it must be valid)

  • NOTE: You must renew in-person if you owe any delinquency fees or unpaid traffic tickets.

  • Court clearance documents showing that all delinquent fees have been paid (if applicable)

  • Payment to cover renewal fees (cash, check, money order, debit/ATM card)

Title Transfer - Title Transfer Processing for the Lucky New Vehicle Owner

You can get a title transferred without delay with our speedy service. We can also help you determine if you need to have a smog check or pay transfer taxes and fees. Just call us or come in to have your questions answered by a friendly staff member.


Documents Needed: Signed Title, If Title is lost or stolen Bill of sale, Reg 262 and Duplicate Title Reg 227,Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR)

 Car dealerships take care of all the fees and paperwork required when purchasing a vehicle. As the buyer of the vehicle,  it is your responsibility to know your Car Buyer's Bill of Rights and make sure the contract, purchase price, and additional costs are all correct before you take the vehicle home.


      When buying:

  • Make sure the seller has filled out the title.

  • Verify there is no lienholder, or that the lienholder has signed off on the car title.

  • Verify the mileage and the odometer disclosure statement, if required.

  • Complete a smog check.

  • Pay the $45 vehicle title transfer fee and all use tax fees to the CA DMV within 30 days of the purchase date

  • (failure to do so will result in penalties).


SO… What Exactly Is a Title Transfer About?
You finally found the perfect vehicle (or found someone to buy yours)…now what?
Well, the first thing you need to do is document the change of ownership for the vehicle so that the DMV can update their records. This is called a certificate of title transfer.
If this is your first vehicle purchase, or the first time you’ve sold a car, we will be happy to assist you step-by-step. We want to make this process quick and painless for you.
When buying or selling a vehicle, someone will have to handle the title transfer paperwork. This is required to officially change the vehicle owner in the DMV system.
A California certificate of title transfer is also used when a vehicle is purchased on credit or paid off and the lien holder needs to be added or removed, a family member inherits a vehicle, or a co-owner’s name needs to be added or removed for other reasons.

Don’t Forget to File Your Transfer
You must make sure that all of the proper paperwork is processed when being involved with the ownership change of a vehicle. You definitely don’t want to put yourself at risk of being held liable for problems by not doing the right paperwork.

Failing to file the proper forms will leave the seller liable if the new owner crashes or runs into other trouble while their name is still on the title. It also puts the new owner at risk since the seller could later claim vehicle theft.

The price of our hassle-free, convenient transfer service is $45, and we will give you all the assistance you need to make sure the transfer goes through without any errors. If you need to request a duplicate title or out-of-state transfer, additional fees will apply.

Order Duplicate Registration Documents (Stickers/Plate/Card)

If you suddenly realize that you don’t have the license plate, stickers/tags, or registration card that you need to drive legally, then please don’t panic. We will provide you with the forms and assistance you need to file a request for duplicate registration documents.

You can have the paperwork processed by us without having a long, stressful wait.

All applicants will need to file the Application for Replacement, Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156) form and should bring their DMV Letter, if applicable. Depending on the exact circumstances, other documents that may be needed include:


• Smog Check – Test or STAR (Depending on Vehicle)

• Proof of Ownership

• California Driver’s License or ID Card (or out-of-state with secondary ID)

• A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form

• Remaining Plates, Registration Card, etc.



If you need help figuring out exactly which documents you will need, please stop by or give us a call so that we can help.

The fee that we charge for our quick, helpful duplicate registration document service is $45.


Replacing a Lost Title in California

Documents Needed: Reg 156, Registration Card, DMV Letter, Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR) If needed.

      How to get a duplicate title with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

  • Complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form REG 227).

  • Pay the $45 duplicate title fee.

  • Return the application to the CA DMV by mail or in person.

  • Or simply pay at our facility.

Vehicle/Driver Reports

Documents Needed: Plate Number or VIN Number


Each AutoCheck report includes:

      The Patented AutoCheck Score™ to help assess a vehicle's durability at a glance and insights compiled from billions of           reported vehicle history events including:

  • Major Accidents

  • Title brands that diminish vehicle value, including Lemon, Theft and Total Loss.

  • Flood Damage.

  • And More

     Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

You can order your driving record or motor vehicle report (MVR) with your state's

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Secretary of State (SOS), Department of Revenue (DOR),

Department of Public Safety (DPS), or Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

      Your driving record/MVR contains information about your driving history including:

  • Status of drivers license

  • Traffic accidents.

  • Driving record points.

  • Traffic law violations, convictions and fines.

  • DUI public records.

  • Whether your driver license is valid, suspended or cancelled



Documents Needed: Vehicle MUST BE PRESENT. REG 135

VIN Verification Process enables automobile dealership marketers to verify the car ownership on record within their dealership database.  Though a sophisticated process involving the Vehicle Identification Number, date last visited to dealership, and title transfer information, we can flag those previous car buyers who still own the vehicle on record while identifying those who no longer own that particular car.

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